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2018 1812 White

100% unoaked chardonnay.

The Story

About the time we resolved our little dispute with our neighbours to the south, our forefathers turned their interests and energies to winemaking. For 200 years, we've been using our land for something that produces....Harmony. The Harmony in this bottle is our salute to resolving differences and a promise of its continuation. A light, crisp, unoaked traditional, with aromas of apple, pear and white peach over a hint of citrus. .

  • I had a fun, quaffable with in mind when we created this one. Perfect with fish n' chips, grilled chicken or great conversation.
    - John Neufeld, Sr., Proprietor

Enjoy This Wine

Pairs with grilled chicken, fish and shellfish.

Alcohol - 13% | Sugar - 0



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