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Our Wine Growing Philosophy

The Vineyards of Palatine Hills Winery, NiagaraThe progressive visionaries at Palatine Hills Estate Winery take what is tried, true and traditional about their time-honoured craft, and elevate the quality and experience of their wine with a modern sense of truthfulness to the land.

Our wine growers know that their wines owe their depth and taste structure to the unique topography of the land where our vines grow and our labels are a reflection of this connection.

The slight slopes of the landscape and close proximity to Lake Ontario give Palatine Hills a climate and terroir to be reckoned with.

It also means that our soil is teeming with history from the time during the War of 1812.

Our carbon conscious efforts include the use of the latest in vintner technology and by using grapes harvested entirely from our own property.

Respectfully, our topographic wonder yields wines that choose to forgo boisterously proclaiming their rightful place at the top, opting to instead casually and confidently elevate the everyday.

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