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Relics on Palantine Hills Land

Rows of marching soldiers where rows of vines now grow is difficult to imagine in Niagara-on-the-Lake today, but over the years, Palatine Hills has learned a great deal about the significant role that their vineyard’s property played in the War of 1812.

The family that owned the property during the time of the epic battles of Queenston Heights and Fort George were members of the Butler Rangers, a local Niagara regiment with a deep-rooted history of pride in their land.

Although the passing of time muddies some of the historical stories specific to our land, what cannot be disputed are the rare, unearthed artifacts found on our vineyard!

Preserving the Past

On site at Palatine Hills today, we’re carefully collecting and preserving War of 1812 militia artifacts, like musket balls and crested metals, as they are found in between the rows of grapevines.

These artifacts are on permanent display at the vineyard and are for complementary viewing when visiting Palatine Hills.

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