Wild & Free Pinot Grigio - 2017 - Palatine Hills Winery

Wild & Free Pinot Grigio - 2017

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Heads up! A new vintage of our Wild & Free Pinot Grigio will be bottled shortly. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the release date!

Year: 2017


Sure, our Wild & Free Pinot is light, crisp, and refreshing. But we fought tooth and nail to bring our first ever Pinot Grigio—and the first white from our Wild & Free (Reserve) Series—from grape to bottle. 

It’s the wine that set us free to run wild. 

T’ward our vineyards’ wooded edge we pursue this heartless creature. Oh, to time our hunt and catch this beast, its belly plump from summer’s bounty ...

This is our jackal, as wild and elusive as ever. What better symbol to embody all that went into making this sophisticated, delicate, dry white wine? Wild and free, which is exactly how we hope you’ll feel drinking it.


Friendly to a hot summer day. Not to be overpowered by heavy or strong flavoured dishes, but paired with similarly delicate fare—or enjoyed on its own!